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Wing Commander: Prophecy (Gold Edition) (Windows)

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Neat little easter egg: during the intro cutscene for Secret ops episode 5 hit F1...voila! you will be now in control of a devastator bomber and you get to fly around and admire the fleet. Don't forget to check out the Vesuvius class carrier, which you can fly trough as in WC4, however do it quick since you are on a timer, not that you could survive the oncoming alien assault anyway.

Contributed by Zovni (9334) on Jul 12, 2001. -- edit trivia

There are 3 possible endings to the Secret Ops campaign. One if you succeed, one if you destroy the generator, and one if you just run out of time and do nothing but shoot down enemies.

Contributed by Zovni (9334) on Jul 09, 2001. -- edit trivia