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Advertising Blurbs

1996 EA catalog:
    Return to Wing Commander's past and relieve the legend! Wing Commander: The Kilrathi Saga brings it all back for Win95 in one optimized set! Wing I, II and III will awaken the space hero in you as Christopher Blair battles the Kilrathi in this epic trilogy.

    Speed adjusted - all 3 games run at normal speed on today's PCs.

    Top quality Dolby Surround Sound support for all 3 games.

    Add-on missions available free on the ORIGIN Web site www.ea.com/origin.

    Optional drop-away cockpit support in all 3 games.

    Optimized for Windows 95 - no more DOS installation.

    Includes an exclusive Kilrathi Saga 1997 calendar!

    Contributed by Zovni (9318) on Jun 30, 2001.