Wing Commander: The Kilrathi Saga Credits (Windows)

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Wing Commander: The Kilrathi Saga Credits


ProducerJeff Everett, John McLean
Lead ProgrammingJeff Grills
ProgrammingJeff Everett, Jason Hughes, Chuck Karpiak, Kris Pelley, Jason Yenawine
Girl FridayDaniel Orzulak
Audio DirectorMartin Galway
Score Reorchestrations and RearrangementPaul Baker, George Oldziey
Digital SFXStretch Williams
Interactive RemasteringPaul Baker, Joe Basquez
Sound System ProgrammerRichard Lyle
Opening AnimationRodney Brunet, Dean McCall
Interface ArtistDamon Lane Waldrip
Quality Assurance Project LeaderAnthony L. Sommers
Quality AssuranceJ. Allen Brack, Kanon Lillemon, Dieter Martin, Monte Mathis, Hal Milton, Todd Wachhaus, Richard Zinser
Hardware Lab TechBrett Bonner
Quality Assurance SupervisorEvan Brandt
Director of Studio ServicesKay Gilmore
Customer Service LiaisonMichael Pickett
Product Support SupervisorsMichelle Lindner, Brian Wachhaus, Marie Williams
VP of MarketingAlex Carloss
Product ManagerPatrick Bradshaw
Marketing AssistantMarsha Pettit
Public Relations ManagerDavid Swofford
Associate PublicistTeresa Potts
Video ConsultantJay Mahavier
Web & Online DudeRichard Steinberg
Documentation WriterAaron Allston, Chris Douglas, Tuesday Frase, John McLean, Melissa Tyler
Documentation EditorDavid Ladyman, Warren Spector
Interior ArtChris Douglas, Craig Halverson, Glen Johnson, James Lee, Thomas Lee, Dean McCall, Alan Perez, Elizabeth Foster, Mark Vearrier, Damon Lane Waldrip, Gary Washington
Creative Services ManagerCraig Miller
Packaging ManagerTrey Hermann
Packaging IllustratorsJeffrey Combs, Sam Yeates
Documentation Art DirectorSusan Bednar
Documentation Design and LayoutCatherine Cantieri, Roger Kriegel, David Mider, Stacey Rodrigues
Interior DesignBlue Plate Design
Caldender Design & LayoutLisa Goodrich
Translations ManagerDominique Iyer
German TranslationFrank Dietz, Kai Leibert, Stephan Lips, Christina Vollmer
Director of Development ServicesSean Kelley
TechnicianAlbert Mayer
Network SupervisorDavid Reeves
Network AdministratorJoe Rizzo
UNIX Network SupportChristopher Alexander North-Keys

Sketch Book calendar

All sketches are executed byChris Douglas
With the exception of "Combat" and "Kilrathi Wingmen" both from Wing I, which were executed byGlen Johnson

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Credits for this game were contributed by formercontrib (159514) and Pix (1205)