Wing Commander: The Kilrathi Saga Trivia (Windows)

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Not only were the three games completely remastered, but they also had drop-away cockpit support (Wing Commander & Wing Commander II) and rudder/pedal support (Wing Commander III) added.

Also, though not included on the package, Origin remastered the add-on disks made for both Wing Commander and Wing Commander II, which were available as downloads from Origin's website.

Number of copies

Only 20,000 units of The Kilrathi Saga were produced, and since the original games have been completely remastered to run under Windows 95 with better music, they are very highly sought after. As of 2002, the game won't sell under $300.


The first CD contains a folder named Etc. Inside is a text file containing quotes from some members of the development team.


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    • Issue 07/2006 - #6 Best Packaging
Information also contributed by Alexander Schaefer, Shadowcaster and Zovni.

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