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Wisegal Credits

Merscom LLC

Executive ProducersKirk Owen, Lloyd Melnick
Senior ProducerMatthew Shetler
ProducersHarold Sipe, Eve Park
Game DesignRick Raymer
QA ManagerBrandon Tyndall
QADavid Perry, Cassiana Gudgenov, Caitlin L. Conner, Catherine Mainland
Localization ManagerDimitri Kirin
Deployment ManagerNick Quante
Special ThanksJoe Sewell, Jason S. Rice, Joe Halby, Kellie Grandy, Megan Webb, Meg Stivison, Denise Adsett, Joseph Levinski, Amanda Goldman d'Adesky, Hillary Fisher, Greg Pool

Elephant Games

Project ManagerVadim Fedosov
ProgrammersElena Ogneva, Alexander Bespalov
ArtistsAnna Semenova, Ekaterina Morozova, Olga Sannikova
Level DesignersAlexander Tovashov, Vadim Fedosov

Lifetime Games

Executive ProducerKris Soumas
ProducerBrianna Klemm
Editorial DirectorRachel Cohen

Starz Media

Executive ProducerMarc DeBevoise
ProducerAdam Zeller, Rachael Brunozzi

Playground Game Engine

Playground Game EngineTim Mensch (Lead), Reggie Seagraves (Mac Lead), Brad Edelman, Jim Brooks, This game was built using the Playground SDK™

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Credits for this game were contributed by Macs Black (77740)