The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings (Windows)

The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Screenshots

Windows version

Main Menu
Start of the Prologue
Geralt's body is very scarred.
The dungeon master interrogates Geralt.
Geralt and Triss in bed (our first glimpse of the game's nudity follows this).
Triss is even more lovely than before.
Finishing move in night vision mode (gained by drinking the "Cat" elixir).
Flashbacks are mostly given as slightly animated comics.
The Draug general looks really impressive.
The Dice Game has rules like 5 card stud poker.
Maps can be zoomed in or out, but the detail is still limited.
This is the Troll you meet in the DLC "Troll Trouble" (from Patch 1.1). Handle this conversation very carefully.
Dialogue during the prologue.
During the tutorial. Learning to fight, more exactly.
The graphics are simply amazing!
Trying to get to the arena.
A chaotic battle.
A dragon!
Battling a knight. Today doesn't seem like one of his good days.
Sneaking past the guards in the royal dungeon.
The docks in Flotsam.
In a cave with bandits nearby.
Entering the tavern in Flotsam...
... where I am to meet my friends.
A shipwreck caused by a huge monster.
A place of power. Looks impressive.
A journal entry about the monster which I'll have to fight soon enough.
It looked much smaller in the journal!!!