The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Main Menu
Start of the prologue. Geralt's body is very scarred
The dungeon master interrogates Geralt
Geralt and Triss in bed (our first glimpse of the game's nudity follows this)
Finishing move in night vision mode (gained by drinking the "Cat" elixir)
Flashbacks are mostly given as slightly animated comics
The Draug general looks really impressive
The Dice Game has rules like five-card stud poker
Maps can be zoomed in or out, but the detail is still limited
This is the Troll you meet in the DLC "Troll Trouble" (from Patch 1.1). Handle this conversation very carefully
During the tutorial. Learning to fight, more exactly
Admiring the graphics early in the game
A chaotic battle! There will be a few like this later on as well
A dragon! Will we ever catch up again? Play and find out!..
Sneaking past the guards in the royal dungeon
The docks in Flotsam, the game's first hub area out of three or so
In a cave with bandits nearby
Entering the tavern in Flotsam...
... where I am to meet my friends
A shipwreck caused by a huge monster
A place of power. Looks impressive
A journal entry about the monster which I'll have to fight soon enough.
It looked much smaller in the journal!..
Inventory. Certainly expanded from the times of the first Witcher, isn't it?..
Just admiring the view, is all. Ahh... It's nice to take a break from all this blood and sex sometimes. Okay, just from the first one
Is this the beginning of a gay romance between a deliberately topless Geralt and a king whose head has certainly seen better times? Play and find out!..
Man, this remark has spoiled the magical moment caused by the nice view and the fresh air!..
Dark battlefield - souls of soldiers are doomed to fight again and again...
Regular people are not always particularly friendly in this game...
Admiring a nice mountain backdrop and performing some impressive sword moves against undead dudes
Tonight, we feast!.. Nice, detailed interior locations
There is something very Northern and Slavic in this scene...
Geralt is posing in front of birch trees. Ahh, the nostalgia, the nostalgia!..
A typical dialogue. With choices and all. Well, you know
Geralt indifferently watches harpies comically pushing your buddy to death in this mountain range
More views. Don't worry, you'll get to this city soon
The last hub area of the game is centered in and around the city of Loc Muinne
Fighting some hostile soldiers - their mage is casting a spell on me!
A night scene in Loc Muinne. The colors change vividly
Geralt is posing in front of an impressive ancient tower
Large-scale battles appear again as the game is nearing its end. Take a look at that sorcerer on the wall...
Dramatic cutscenes may feature cool outfits and sexy women
A late-game battle against a dragon! This is not a cinematic - everything happens in real time, so think quickly!..
Geralt wielding a powerful, but very hard-to-acquire staff
Skill tree
Uninstall screen