The Witcher: Enhanced Edition Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Enhanced Edition features two new additional stories, Price of Neutrality and Side Effects, the rest are from v.1.5 patch.
Both additional stories are played through Dandelion's storytelling.
Loading screens are, again, unique for every location, though most are reused for same locations.
The Witcher returns to Kaer Morhen only to find it brimful of visitors.
The tent looks much bigger from the inside... but that's mostly due to illusion element.
Meet Sabrina the witch, or in this case, a sorcerer hunting for a renegade princess.
The Witcher castle from the perspective not seen in the original story.
Deidre seems to be the cause of all the commotion... to help her or give her to the wolves, as usual, your choice.
There are some new artworks for cut-scenes in additional story.
A local nobleman explaining the side effects to the story with same name.
A local Vizima thug that is threatening to kill Dandelion unless you pay his debt or 2000 orens.
Rivians aren't a least bit cooperative, even when you do them a favor.
Hairy Bear owner before the original story.
Fighting is for keeps.
Geralt explaining what he does and does not to priestess Nirka.
Church seem to be smaller before... Vizima locations are same but changed in due time.
City guards are keeping in form.
Now there's something you don't see every day... a bestiary museum.
Geralt offering to help with the graveyard cleaning until the elven huntress recuperates.
Whoever attacks a witcher does not get the second chance.