The Witcher: Enhanced Edition Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Enhanced Base Game - Main menu
Enhanced Base Game - Watching the mage Savolla's assault from a safe distance
Enhanced Base Game - Outside Kaer Morhen
Enhanced Base Game - Great art even on the loading screens
Enhanced Base Game - Inside the witchers' lab in Kaer Morhen
Enhanced Base Game - Game mode selection
Enhanced Base Game - Talking to Triss at the beginning of the game
Enhanced Base Game - Geralt lost his memories and cannot remember his past acquaintances and friends
Enhanced Base Game - Bringing on-screen journal with game in the background
Enhanced Base Game - Running through the village during rain
Enhanced Base Game - A cosy inn
Enhanced Base Game - Saving a damsel in distress from a bunch of angry villagers
Enhanced Base Game - Nobody dares to harm the witch with Geralt standing in between
Enhanced Base Game - Down in the sewers
Enhanced Base Game - Sewers are just as inhabited as the town above
Enhanced Base Game - Traveling to a swamp
Enhanced Base Game - Nature's clothes are the best
Enhanced Base Game - These folks are setting up a fishing place, but with all the monsters around, somebody's got to do the cleanup first
Enhanced Base Game - Either it's really hot in here, or she's not putting on a blanket on purpose
Enhanced Base Game - A game of dice
Enhanced Base Game - Using the Witcher's sense
Enhanced Base Game - Dandelion entertaining us with a song
Enhanced Base Game - It's hard to concentrate on dialogues when she is wearing that... that... transparent thing
Enhanced Base Game - Town has a bigger inn than can be found in nearby villages
Enhanced Base Game - Rescued Striga from the intro... yup, she doesn't looks so dangerous anymore
Enhanced Base Game - Fighting a royal wyvern
Enhanced Base Game - Alas, there is no option that can resolve this vampire situation peacefully
Enhanced Base Game - She's not a fan of subtlety, that's for sure
Enhanced Base Game - Taking down an assassin
Enhanced Base Game - Whoever is gonna flinch first, I wonder
New Side Quests - Enhanced Edition features two new additional stories, Price of Neutrality and Side Effects, the rest are from v.1.5 patch.
New Side Quests - Both additional stories are played through Dandelion's storytelling.
New Side Quests - Loading screens are, again, unique for every location, though most are reused for same locations.
New Side Quests - The Witcher returns to Kaer Morhen only to find it brimful of visitors.
New Side Quests - The tent looks much bigger from the inside... but that's mostly due to illusion element.
New Side Quests - Meet Sabrina the witch, or in this case, a sorcerer hunting for a renegade princess.
New Side Quests - The Witcher castle from the perspective not seen in the original story.
New Side Quests - Deidre seems to be the cause of all the commotion... to help her or give her to the wolves, as usual, your choice.
New Side Quests - There are some new artworks for cut-scenes in additional story.
New Side Quests - A local nobleman explaining the side effects to the story with same name.
New Side Quests - A local Vizima thug that is threatening to kill Dandelion unless you pay his debt or 2000 orens.
New Side Quests - Rivians aren't a least bit cooperative, even when you do them a favor.
New Side Quests - Hairy Bear owner before the original story.
New Side Quests - Fighting is for keeps.
New Side Quests - Geralt explaining what he does and does not to priestess Nirka.
New Side Quests - Church seem to be smaller before... Vizima locations are same but changed in due time.
New Side Quests - City guards are keeping in form.
New Side Quests - Now there's something you don't see every day... a bestiary museum.
New Side Quests - Geralt offering to help with the graveyard cleaning until the elven huntress recuperates.
New Side Quests - Whoever attacks a witcher does not get the second chance.