Wizardry 8 Hints (Windows)

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Arnika Road Safe TravelContributed by Jeanne (76590) on Feb 16, 2004.

If you're having trouble with the monsters on the Arnika Road, here are a few tips. If done correctly, it is possible to get to Arnika from the Monestery without confronting a single enemy!

  • Stay off of the main road. Hug the cliffs, ducking behind trees, rocks and into crevices. Watch and wait. The monsters may not even see you!

  • The straightest path between the Monestery and Arnika is straight west to the house and then south. Do not take any of the other southern roads. (refer to the map)

  • Use Quick Save often while out of battle. If you run into a group of monsters, press "O" or click on the Options button quickly. You may find that those monsters are no longer there with a new Load.

  • If you want to try to battle the monsters anyway, don't let them surround you. Back your party up against the cliffs.

  • Once you make it to the locked house, tuck into the back alcove. You usually can rest there without monsters bothering you (unless they've seen you already, that is!).

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