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Wizardry Gold Credits

Crusaders of the Dark Savant

Design, Writing, and ProgrammingDavid W. Bradley
Manual, Hint Guide & Other WritingBrenda Romero
MS‑DOS Technical ProgrammingGary Speegle
Graphic Director & Lead ArtistChris Appel
Graphic ArtistsSuzanne Snelling, Daniel Mintor, B. J. Barrett, Renata Dolnick
Storyboard Video Art SequenceToshi Sato
Title Page Video SequanceDerek Hardison
Original Music Score & Sound EffectsSteve Miller
Sound ProgrammingJeff Noyle, David Triggerson
Manual IllustrationsChris Appel, Toshi Sato
Lost Guardia MapTim Yearlington
Special ThanksJames F. Shobert
Medieval Armament ResearchJeffrey Yette
Documentation InternMatthew Koscak
PlaytestersMike Anderson, Todd Ashley, Andy Backer, James Barisse, Les Berkman, Marty Berkman, Gary Brockelsby, Peter De Jager, Bill Dedi, Lawrence Ellis, Brenda Romero, Albert Halprin, Austin Hendricks, Matthew Koscak, Jim McDonnell, Joan McKeown, Zach Meston, Pumpkin Man, Jim Reagan, Monte Schultz, James F. Shobert, Linda Currie, Peter Spear, Rob Welander, Steven Yood

Wizardry Gold

Windows ProgrammingJim Laurino, Carl Dougan, Don Wilkins
Graphics and AnimationDana Delalla, Michael Cuevas, Max Austin Loeb, Dave Avina, Don Wilkins
Music Score and Sound EffectsJim Laurino
NarrationDr. Jack
NPC VoicesDave Avina, Michelle Benoit, Carl Dougan, Jim Laurino, Andrea Saiz, Don Wilkins
Reference CardCharles Miles, Brenda Romero
Produced byDon Wilkins
Directed byDon Wilkins
Executive ProducerRobin Matthews
PlaytestersJoseph Alessi, Andy Backer, Nathan Bruyere, Bill Dedi, Pamela Dreizen, Barry Gelfand, Bill Gillette, Steven Al, Megan Hartzell, Don Henson, Charles Klimushyn, Randy Lee, Harold Lehman, John R. Lewis, Phil Lewis, Dave MacWilliams, William Malecky, Joan McKeown, Mike Montgomery, Brian Mulligan, Tom Needham, Adam Newman, Steve O'Brien, Michael C. Percell, Bill Petersen, Dave Reichhart, Ike Sanderson, Kathy Shaw, Quentin Spooner, Robert Tenney, Marilyn Wasserman, Jeffrey Yette, Earl Ziegel
Special Thanks ToDan Sherry, Joan Sherry
Thanks tothe Team - for their unrelenting dedication and determination, Sirtech for their patience and commitment to high-quality entertainment

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