The Wizard's Pen (Windows)

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The Wizard's Pen Credits


ProducerMichael W. Boeh (as Mike Boeh)
ProgrammingMichael W. Boeh (as Mike Boeh)
ArtJuraj Molcak
Additional DesignJason Kapalka
WritingStephen Notley
PopCap FrameworkBrian Fiete, David Parton
MusicStaffan Melin, Michael W. Boeh (as Mike Boeh)
SoundsStaffan Melin, Michael W. Boeh (as Mike Boeh)
QA ManagerShawn Conard
QA Lead TesterEd Miller
QA TestersIsaac Aubrey, Michael Racioppi, Adam MacDonnell, Ty Roberts, Michael Guillory, Chad Zoellner
Release ManagementRocky Fry, Daniel Landeck, Nick Tomlinson, Irene Cheung
Special ThanksSukhbir Sidhu, Ben Lyon, Michaelene Boeh, Ludka Zoldakova, Michael P. Welch, Scott Host, Jim Abraham, John Raptis, Steve Verreault, John Vechey, Ed Allard
Beta TestersJonathan Green (as Jon Green), DixieWriter, Meatboy, Panther, monkeyboy, Curious Games, NocturnaLucid, HomerJay, jebksb1977, deb1013, Lexi, hgalindo, Fire, wolfpackmama, Inkmei, jael, HRACH, wuggies, Sasha24, Dryden, plasticgoth, TheShadow, Dyne, firedog, MrsDbolt, dwl, Spaggie, WendigoWolf, Rambobear, GrukX, cjbadger, WildKittyFca, Lovedog, Phanatic, cheryl, Iceman, Pajol, Dachsx2, deb1013, Zelda, Emerald, lala, spirit29_1, LargelyFiction, jb63, javansdaddy, Vexrm, lulie, Mungoon, sue, H2emf, Sutek, nandini, 33njamin, kiergi, Sean71570, Vern, Numfive, DaniEoin, tcleste, gemini2264jt, deer_mews, ashill, Adam1304, Kiergi, SyrinxH, Llamakrause, Jahroni, Susie
Thanks toall our beta testers and players on for their valuable feedback!

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Credits for this game were contributed by Macs Black (77762)