Wizards & Warriors Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Title screen
This is the starting area of the game. You can't do anything yet: you must assemble your party first!
The first thing to do: create a party of adventurers in the local inn!
You better load on supplies - there is a rough journey ahead!..
The local bartender can share some rumors with you
Trolls are among the first enemies you'll fight in the game
Character attributes. This is my female Whiskah... cute, isn't she?
Ahh, the joy of adventuring! Swimming through the dark lake, gazing at mountains ahead... getting bitten by piranhas... yeah...
A fierce battle against a skeleton lord with his minions. He should really lose the cheesy cap, though
Death Effects
Descending into a moody, atmospheric dungeon, accompanied by an appropriate description
A cozy room with a lonely candle and a treasure chest
Lockpicking interface
The automap is very helpful! Note my funny Omphaaz character
Visiting a temple. Note the cool character animation
Checking out your stuff at the smithy
Fire Magic used on a nymph
It's an Ent! Or a close relative anyway...
The interior of Anephas' Tomb is quite well done
A shot from the inventory. Note the red dolls
The Mavin Sword in action...
Beware, the sultry vampiresses are not there just to look pretty
You encounter a Highland Rogue in the wilderness
The Serpent Temple looks menacing...
The view from above the entrance was worth the climb!
Spider ... Why are there always spiders in such places?
Flamedrop spell really hurts the Serpents' Caretakers
We got hit and are spraying square blood!
Electrical Zap spell in action
Talking dragons make the best pets ... Just not this one
What's this bug doing between us and our ship?
The Black Fire. Getting close to the final battle...