WolfBridge Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

The start of the game. The player always plays as South and this hand is shown. Some of the options available from the menu bar are also shown in this picture
This shows the bidding window. The game has started and both North and East have nobid. With 17 points South must bid and the Hint button confirms 1 club as the correct opener
Here the opposition have bid in the second round despite not having opened the bidding. Clicking on their 1 heart bid explains what it means.
The bidding is now over and card play is underway. The player selects their card and drags theie chosen card towards the centre. Where there's no choice the game will play the card for you
At the end of the hand the score is displayed in a new window like this
Here the previous hand is beng replayed with all hands showing.
Conventions can be turned on / off via this window which is accessed via the Options tab on the menu bar
Here the player has successfully bid a contract and partner's hand is displayed as dummy