Wolfenstein (Windows)

Wolfenstein Screenshots

Windows version

Loading Screen
Main Menu
Well that certainly sets the right mood for the game.
Stationary weaponry: Fun for the whole family!
Yes, Wolfenstein now needs a map...
What's wrong with this picture? Hint: Even if the resistance had a time-machine, they wouldn't need that kind of money back in their time...
Purchasing weapon upgrades.
The levels are scattered with intel that gives you a little more background information about characters and such.
I've entered the Veil and can see these little exploding creatures.
Only one way is save - guess which one it is.
Aahh the K98 - the best sniper weapon there is.
That's what I call teamwork!
Fighting our way to a local hospital.
Inside the Veil everything is green - even the enemies.
A Nazi-Ninja is creeping up on his enemy.
This entrance is only visible inside the Veil.
One of the pesky Nazi experiments is surrounded by a force-field.
Assassins are always visible in the veil mode
Our friend here, the black marketeer will sell us weapons and ammo
Often there are many busy areas which need to be cleared, like this square
Doctors and scientist NPCs are neutral, but it's best not to take any prisoners
Following a member of the local resistance through the city to the given mission
Various articles like this sack can be picked up for money
The heavy trooper. Hit the cyan lamps on his back and he is toast
The Black Sun symbol indicates hidden doors visible only through the veil
In some areas you can find superweapons like this Tesla Cannon
Using the Particle Cannon found from a Heavy Trooper, it's fun!
According to the crystals you have acquired, you can use the veil mode for a number of advantages such as slowing time, or shielding
These Vin Diesel lookalikes not only shield their nearby partners, they also move very fast
When you're wounded the screen looks like this, better find some cover
End of level boss, he is a tough one!
Game title from the intro
The cinematic sequences of the game are really well done
Inside the Kreisau Circle safehouse you will be given new missions
Assassins are real psychopaths: the most vicious and difficult enemy of the game
These manuscripts are a clear reference to tomes of power in Heretic games. Just check Heretic: Shadow of the Serpent Riders cover.
This thing on the table is actually a weapon from Raven's earlier game Heretic.
Trying to infiltrate some Nazi-infested farm.
Some levels are very, very impressive.
Using one of your medallion's power, you can turn enemies in coal.