Wolfschanze Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Introduction sequence
Main game screen
Claus smuggles a briefcase into Hitler's meeting.
Alas, it failed and now he needs to escape.
The bunkers are heavily guarded.
An area with a lake and a few soldiers.
Three men down and a heavy explosion in the back.
Attacked by a guard dog.
This priest will help you.
Inside a mansion
Using a grenade to take out two soldiers in the sewers.
This officer has been locked up.
Claus can shoot barrels to cause explosions.
A bombed building
This level takes place in the snow.
The effect of the flamethrower
In the train level, Claus is attacked by a plane.
Advancing through the train.
The cathedral
A giant Nazi-branded blimp
Maybe I can bribe them with a sausage.
Claus is captured and interrogated by the SS.
When there are no weapons around, you can still kick Duke Nukem-style.
Close-up of an enemy soldier
Inside a bunker
Underground passage
There are civilians who won't shoot you and surrender.
Riding a bike.
One of the few levels where you can drive a tank.
This reminds of Half-Life 2.
Hitler's blimp
Don't move again!
Rag-doll. Really?
Close to Hitler