Written by  :  MAT (182442)
Written on  :  Sep 07, 2004
Platform  :  Windows
Rating  :  3.4 Stars3.4 Stars3.4 Stars3.4 Stars3.4 Stars
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Wow, first time like on tv

The Good

It's not far from the truth to say I'm not a sport fan and that sport games I have in my collection could be count on one hand. But, every now and then in a decade I get sting by a bee that claims otherwise and I go nutz on some sport game. Once upon a time, it was this game's turn to take all my time. The moment I saw it I was literally blown away as to how amazing it looks, and how the entire feeling t creates barely variates from watching live tv football match.

The roots of my football games don't go that wide as I've only ever really played two other soccer games, Manchester United Europe and Sensible World of Soccer. The latter was just for fun, but the first one here is what showed me the potential of football on a computer screen. It was brilliant in every way, plus I could play it with up to three other friends on a same computer. Two would control players, and two goalkeepers. Bah, they just don't make games like that anymore :(

Game was simple to play, yet not as easy to score a goal as in the forementioned classics. So, the basic controls would be kick, pass, shoot, roll, and a few other regulars, but that's about it. There's more up to the strategy then mysterious strikes from the center that will score you a goal. Then again, once you're in a zone... figured the tactic, there's noone to stop you but the higher level of difficulty.

Probably the newest and most surprising thing to me that I never encountered before was the spectator. It was like (the two of them were I believe) he knew what you missed, from where, and what your attempt might be. It was really great feeling playing football matches here, on any stadium (which presented a small opening animation to each of them), the atmosphere was sportish, and the crows was a blaze. Every score and miss reflected on the fans cheering, and yellow and red cards are dealt handful. It was a match after match, until you triumphed over the others and won the trophy for your country. This game leaves a long will to be surpassed.

The Bad

Nowadays this does seem old and faces of the players aren't even recognizable, but believe me, back then it did look impressive. This is simple game that lets you play your way to becoming the world champ, and that's that. There's nothing wrong in having a little simplicity once in a while.

The Bottom Line

You think France shouldn't have won the cup and perhaps paid their way into victory? You think the ladder should've been different and players should be rearranged? You think your country should've been victorious? No need to cry me a river any more, get this game and prove your thoughts. But be aware and don't get FIFA 98 by accident.