World of Goo Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Main menu with the chapter selection
The white lines show how far you can stretch the goo.
My bridge barely holds it.
The albino goo are sleeping inside the cave.
The World of Goo Corporation has been unlocked.
When the balls reach the pipe, they are sucked in.
The World of Goo Corporation, I'm not very high yet.
Ivy goo can easily be attached and detached.
Level completed
Balloon goo comes in handy here.
Building a bridge out of the mouth of a toad.
Nobody sneeze!
The final level of the first chapter has an original approach to complete it.
Water goo makes an appearance.
Click the signs to receive hints.
Level selection of the second chapter
There is a very strong wind here, but you can use it to your advantage.
Moving over balls of goo from one side to another.
She's so pretty! But the horrible things the other goo balls will do to her.
A cut-scene shown between levels.
Now how did she end up there...
Smile for the camera ... famous goo!
About to move into the pipe
I was not supposed to burn them this way.
The Information Superhighway
Virus alert!
Big tower
Vectors play
Chat room dialogue :D
Weird mission
Some informations
World of goo corporation
Now, case is easy