Written by  :  nullitilium (5)
Written on  :  Aug 25, 2008
Platform  :  Windows
Rating  :  4.71 Stars4.71 Stars4.71 Stars4.71 Stars4.71 Stars

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My most played game ever! (And I've played games for decades)

The Good

I have more positive things to say about World of Warcraft than any other game made. Here are some reasons why:

It empowers players to successfully solo or group to complete quests.

Roleplay lives in RP guilds and has designated RP servers.

Finding quests is not difficult, completing them are reasonable.

PvP rewards are worthwhile. Battlegrounds can be fun and challenging.

Character creation is flexible.

Mods are encouraged.

Graphics are good, lag is minimal.

Tradeskills can be helpful.

There seems to always be something to do.

The Bad

It'd be nice to have a graphics update in the game and perhaps more variation on types of quest. Most of the time it is either killing, gathering or courier but is the case with most MMORPG's.

The Bottom Line

This is the best video game ever made. If you don't like it, then maybe video games is not the past-time for you.