Written by  :  Riamus (8523)
Written on  :  Dec 02, 2004
Platform  :  Windows
Rating  :  4.86 Stars4.86 Stars4.86 Stars4.86 Stars4.86 Stars

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Taking MMORPGs to a new level

The Good

This is, by far, the best MMORPG currently out there and you hear many in the game saying the same when comparing to all other MMORPGs they have played. Although the graphics may not compare with ones like FFIX, they fit the game universe perfectly. The somewhat cartoony look to various creatures and characters is what you would expect in a Warcraft game.

The game is set up in such a way that quests will build your character up to a good level, then move you on to the next area, and so on. You have the choice of not doing all of the quests, but doing so reveals the story and plot in the game as well as helping to keep your level where it should be for the area you are in.

Professions in the game are great, though not perfect. Depending on your character's class, you pick from the various professions to select 2 that are going to be useful either to you or to your guild members... or just so you can make money off them. The professions can help you to have better equipment than you usually can find for your character, though not always. If you keep your professions' skills increasing, you can make some powerful items. And the minor professions -- fishing, cooking, and first aid -- help to give you some more to do. Fishing, in particular, can be very useful. Besides getting fish that can be used for health, feeding pets, or cooking to make even better, you can also catch equipment. Sometimes this can gain you some excellent equipment.

The enemies and varied considerably in the game. No matter how long you play the game, as long as you aren't staying in the same area, you will find many new enemies to fight that look vastly different from previous ones. Granted, spiders look similar, wolves look similar, etc... but you also find many enemies that look completely different.

Each race and class have special abilities and skills that define them. These help you to create your own unique character that is different from everyone else's characters. And the vast amount of equipment available also help to change how your character looks compared to everyone else. Once you're out of the beginner areas, you don't usually see two characters who look the same.

The emotes included with the game are fun to mess around with when you want a break from killing. The best of which is dancing. Each race and gender have their own unique dancing style... from the human female doing the macarena, to the undead male appearing to be a hard rock star. Getting many races and genders together to dance can make for a very interesting display.

The world is absolutely huge. It would take a very long time to see the entire world, if you wanted to try and do so. It can be deceiving when you look at the default map, because it seems small. However, when you zoom it out all the way, you notice how huge it really is. I have no idea really how big the world is, but I would estimate it to be over 500 miles x 500 miles (or 250,000 square miles)... and it may be even larger than that. For a game world, that is ridiculously huge! And that size helps keep areas from being too filled up with people.

Because of the number of classes and races available and because people want to try them all out and also be on multiple servers, the game allows you to have 10 characters on any one server, with a maximum of 50 characters. For most people, this basically allows you to have as many as you want, since most don't want more than 50 characters.

The Bad

If you have a problem, GMs take a very long time to respond. This is perhaps the worst issue with the game as it is still new and problems can happen more frequently now than they will in months to come.

Some quests require you to loot, or kill, a specific enemy, and when you have 20 people trying to complete the quest, this can take forever before you manage to get the kill so you can loot it. You can group with others and that can help, but it still can become troublesome.

Lag is an issue in the game, but usually not a huge problem most of the time. When it DOES hit, however, it can be severe. Blizzard is working to correct that and may have it taken care of soon.

The Bottom Line

If you like MMORPGs and don't mind paying some money for monthly access, this game is the best one you'll find. I don't usually play games with monthly fees because it's not worth the cost to keep playing the game. However, this game is so great that, for under $0.50 per day, it's worth the cost. I can actually sit and play the game for 6-8 hours a night, every night... and many play much more than that!