World Poker Championship 2: Final Table Showdown Credits

Coresoft, Inc.

Lead ProgrammerGeoff Goldberg, Chris Harvey, Jeff Avella
ProgrammersDoug Kuppinger, Yuki Furumi, Jim Schuler
Game DesignDave Connelly
ArtistsMatt Roszak, Esequiel Ramon Garcia, Erik Van Pelt, Mat Hale
Creative DirectorSteven Ehrensperger
President and CEODave Connelly
Vice President of DevelopmentChris Harvey
Chief Financial OfficerMary Ellen Connelly
Sound and MusicSoundMine, Doug Kuppinger
Addtional Game Design byCoresoft
Special ThanksLiam Christian Harvey, Chloe Connelly, Dylan Connelly, Tara Harvey, Sirima Kuppinger, Becky, Ryan, James, Esther, Gretchen Widmer, Jim Roszak, Carole Roszak

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Credits for this game were contributed by St. Martyne (3655)