WorldSpiral: Liath (Windows)

WorldSpiral: Liath Screenshots

Windows version

Menu Screen
Options (Sound Volume)
Intro Movie (some sort of hologram girl with four arms talking to me).
A letter I received from Tikhe, inviting me for a visit.
Okay, I found Tikhes Lab. But where's Tikhe?
Tikhes Home. Seems Tikhe's not here, either.
A cutscene in which I am taken prisoner.
In jail.
Managed to escape and made this illusional bridge.
From this menu you can choose Take, Examine, Use, Dialogue, Inventory or Magic.
This is my inventory.
She was a statue but I saved her.
This is the inn. You can rent a room here.
Talking to Greg the Barman.
Seems there's a ghost in the bar.
I'm cooking a spell.
I've opened a grave.
Talking to a skeleton.
The Docks.
Khekath's Castle
Time to change discs. You'll be looking at this screen a lot.
Progress Indicator and Hint Elf.
The village square.
This island can only be reached by ship.
Driade lives here.
Inside a Magic Shop to do some shopping.
A nice view.
Visiting the smithy.
Temple of Chaos.
Adella's Temple.