Worms 2 (Windows)

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Written by  :  Chris Martin (1208)
Written on  :  Feb 07, 2001
Rating  :  5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars

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A great multiplayer game! And no tanks either :)

The Good

I recently wrote a review on the artillery game, Scorched Earth.

This is a quirky, goofy, totally off-the-wall game that is similar in the artillery aspect. But that's about it.

I love this game. It's a great party game, and it's a blast to play.

The graphics are top notch and the way the worms look are too funny. You'll be playing and you'll see the worms take out an apple and much on it, or you see them shrug in confusion. The mulititude of backgrounds are cool, ranging from a Manhattan style to Hell.

The sounds are great. You can choose different sound schemes, and the worms will talk in them. Like Dutch, German, or even Olde English. The ambient sounds, suich as the Sheep, are cute too.

But where this game shines is the Gameplay and the Configurability (the word I made up in my System Shock review :)

You can configure the game to have certain weapons at certian times, or only certain types of weapons. It's similar to Scorched Earth in that respect, in which you have an unlimited amount of configurations possible. And personally, I get a certain sense of satisfaction when I take a baseball bat to a fellow worm.

Your teams (made up of 8 worms) all have Win/Loss stats that are kept on the computer, so it's also great for creating your own Worms 2 Tournaments. There is even a "Tournament" setting for "Offical" tourney games.

The Bad

I can't find a flaw in the game. I'm not saying it's perfect, but it's really really that good.

The Bottom Line

Bottom Line: If you liked Scorthed Earth, or Worms, you'll love Worms 2.

I recomend it to everyone. It has an easy learning curve, and it's gas to play.