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Worms 3D (Windows)

Critic Score
100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
User Score
5 point score based on user ratings.

Worms 3D Credits

Team 17

Lead ArtistDavid Smith
Concept and 3D ArtistPatrick Romano
AnimationAndrew Morriss
3D ArtistJavier Leon, Michael Green
Level TexturesMar Hernández, Enrique Corts Llopis
Support ArtistRico Holmes
FMVTony Landais
Concept ArtistTom Gluckman
Art ManagerNeil South
Sound, Music and Voice Co-ordinationBjørn A. Lynne
Voice TalentChristopher Kent, Lani Minella, Glen Colechin, Paul Sharp, Paul Tapper, Paul Dunstan, James Cowlishaw, Stéphane Cornicard, Stefan Grothgar, Andrea Piovan, Javier Fernandez Pena, Bjørn A. Lynne
Creative DirectorMartyn Brown
Game DesignKelvin Aston, Kevin Carthew, John Dennis, Mark Dimond, Paul Dunstan, John Eggett, Grant Towell
Lead ProgrammerCharles Blessing
Landscape TechnologyAndrew Clitheroe
Menu SystemColin Surridge
Weapons and Camera SystemMartin Swaine
Particles and Weapons SystemSteve Eckles
ProgrammerPhil Carlisle
A.I. SystemPaul Tapper
ProgrammersDamian Stones, Kev Lamont, Ian Lindsey
Audio and Animation SystemPaul Scargill
Technical ManagerStefan Boberg
ProducerPaul Kilburn
Associate ProducerMark Lewis Baldwin
Assistant ProducerCraig Jones
QA ManagerPaul Field
Lead TestBrian Fitzpatrick
QA TestersJohn Egginton, Adrian Evans, Andy Aveyard, Jackson Li, Lee Varley
Localisation Co‑ordinatorPaul Sharp
LocalisationBabel Media

Sega Europe

President / CEONaoya Tsurumi
Executive Vice President - Sales and MarketingMichael Sherlock
Executive Vice President - DevelopmentJin Shimazaki
Senior ProducerMatt O'Driscoll
Technical ProducerElliott Martin
European Marketing Director Matthew Woodley
European Product ManagerMathew Quaeck
European Marketing ManagerGary Knight
Head of PR, EuropeAsam Ahmad
PR ExecutiveStefan McGarry
Graphic DesignCarl Hamblin
UK Sales DirectorAlan Pritchard
Export Product ManagerBen Chalmers-Stevens
European Partnerships / Trade Marketing ManagerSuzanne Egleton
Head of Export SalesAlison Goud
SOE QADarius Sadeghian, David Smith
Special ThanksEd Bushell, Justyn McLean, Dwayne Buck, Glenn Wakeford

Acclaim QA

ManagersBrian Regan
SupervisorsBill Handworth, Matthew Canonico
Senior Lead AnalystArgressor Sample
Lead AnalystJames Ackermann, James Bonti
Game AnalystDavid Boyle, Jerry Bazigos
TestersSean Stephen Sharp, Ryan Sumner, Chad Damiani, Damian Moreau, Amit Ellana, Glenn Caceres, Drew Ressier, Ricardo Concepcion

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Credits for this game were contributed by Cochonou (1017) and Stillman (7514)