Worms: Reloaded Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title Screen
Main menu
Worm customization
Team customization
The tutorial teaches only the bare basics
The jetpack has become part of the default weapon set
Ready as I’ll ever be
You can zoom in and out for a better overview or a nice close-up
In the tutorial you get some targeting assistance
An explosion destroys the terrain
Rival worms are thrown away by an explosion
The landscape editor
I changed the theme for a different look
In the firing range there is no limit to what you can do
I put down some worms for target practice
Air Strike
You gain points for winning single player missions
A jetpack challenge
This knight is blown towards a mine by the exploding projectile
This sheep will cause some serious damage
Another challenge with very limited weapons to kill the enemies
Medieval theme
Joust is going to sleep with the fishes
A dangerous speed run
When worms reach 0 hitpoints they blow themselves up
A napalm strike just barely missed this enemy worm
Worms react to pretty much everything with funny animations
Dr Zoidberg takes a dive towards certain death
At the end of each level you get some stats