WWII Tank Commander Credits

Sylum Entertainment Ltd.

Executive ProducerKeith Beresnoy
Level DesignKeith Beresnoy
Lead ArtistAlex Kotkin
Texture ArtistAlex Kotkin
Lead 3d ArtistGino Fratto
Special FXGino Fratto
ProducerDavid Schulman
AnimationDavid Schulman
Programming LeadIlian Stoianov
Engine ProgrammingMikhail Lozanov
PhysicsMikhail Lozanov
Additional ProgrammingGeorgi Georgiev, Vassil Keremidchiev, Roman Sidarkin, Anton Stoianov, Stanimir Jordanov, Miro Torielli
MusicRaider Productions, Doug Smith, Hagen Mosebach
VoiceRaider Productions, Doug Smith, Hagen Mosebach
Special ThanksNFusion, Jeffrey M. Birns, Vinny Fratto, Our Family and Friends


Executive ProducerLloyd Melnick, Kirk Owen
ProducerBen Moy
Marketing & CommunicationsDana Cowley
PRBeverly Cambron
MarketingBeverly Cambron
Game TesterLee Amarakoon (Leeane), Trent Rosell (killfrenzy), Ming Xie (a-ling), Nadjib Assani (jeeb), Patrick Talbert (talbert)
Special ThanksJennifer Cooper, Joe Halby, Rie Kataoka, Jay Powell

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (170561)