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X-Blades (Windows)

X-Blades Screenshots

Windows version

Main menu
Loading screen
The cutscenes use a light cel-shaded touch.
Collecting stuff is a small part besides the fights.
Ayumi can buy these for souls.
The map of the ruins
The Bestiary has detailed information about every monster.
The end of level statistics
Yes, those are pistol blades...
Found the third upgrade piece.
Trying to avoid the spikes.
Fighting The Dark for the first time.
Slashing around with the fire blades.
From behind is not fair!
Collecting rage in preparation of the next fight.
That elemental froze Ayumi but she can still fight back.
Attempting to destroy a monster generator.
Preparing the "Earthquake" skill.
Another obstacle that can't be overcome by killing it.
Charging in Dark Form (the positive side effect of The Curse) at the spider.