Written by  :  xTSx (15)
Written on  :  Jun 03, 2001
Platform  :  Windows

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You'll either love this game or you will hate it; I hated it

The Good

I liked the classic X-com part of the game..down an alien craft, investigate it, research new alien technologies, manage your base, buy weapons, all that good stuff.

The Bad

I hated the insanity of every combat aspect of the game. For starters, the game almost required you to play it in real time(you can choose either real time or turnbased) since one turn base mission usually takes about 4 hours. I really did not like playing this game in real time..I'm more accustomed to the traditional turnbased style of UFO Defense. I also hated the fact that rarely does 1 alien craft come through the portal to attack, it's usually several..making many companies hate you early on in the game. All in all, I was for the most part disappointed by this game.

The Bottom Line

If you think real time fighting is more fun than the traditional x-com turnbased fighting then you may like this game, if not, I recommend you stay clear of this game.