Written by  :  deepcut (1867)
Written on  :  May 02, 2001
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Not quite the traditional X-Com style, and not quite a good space combat game.

The Good

The game story does fit quite nicely into the X-Com universe, and is some-what likeable just for its X-Com-ness, hmm...

The Bad

Interceptor aims to change the style of the X-Com games, and IMO that is its fatal mistake, I would much prefer to have had another Apocalypse engine game, with a new story than this. The tech-tree and research are not as rewarding as past games, the space combat system is a Tie Fighter wanna-be at best. The game simply fails to excel in any single area of itself, and this makes it dull overall.

The Bottom Line

The game is trying to expand the X-Com name, but misses what made the other X-Com games what they were. It fails to excel in any area, and makes for a lackluster, disappointing game overall.