X-COM: Terror from the Deep Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Main menu.
Intro cinematic.
Main title.
Base overview.
Researching new technologies is vital if you want to gain the upper hand in combat.
You can purchase weapons and hire staff.
Checking your seaman's statistics.
Before you go into combat, make sure you put all the weapons and gadgets you want to carry in your transport ship.
Entering large alien submarine commandeered by the infamous Lobster Man aliens
Triton is your base transport ship.
Underwater version of your combat vehicles.
Human weapons are too weak to fight tougher aliens, so you'll have to research alien technology.
Structure overview shows a more detailed visual representation than the prequel.
Alien submarine has been spotted.
Arriving at the crash site.
Arming your men.
Engaging enemy submarine.
Combat takes turns.
Aliens spotted in a derelict ship.
Spoils of battle.
Disperse and find enemy targets.
Checking the battle map.
Saving bikini babes from the aliens invading a peaceful resort area
Monthly costs
Studying live alien specimens will further expand your knowledge about them
Alien autopsies will tell you about their physics and what drives them
Countries under your protection will give you more funding, while others may sign treaties with the aliens
One of the basic armours for your soldiers
Research completed
Sending your team to the terror site
Dealing with the aliens onboard the civilian cruiser
Zeroing in on one of the smallest enemy ships
Crew promotions
Assault on the enemy middle class vessel
Ancient ruins underwater
This alien vessel is badly damaged in combat prior to our arrival
Catching a live Aquatoid Squad Leader
Lobster Man are the most formidable foes in the game
Sometimes you'll want to take enemy leaders alive for studying so have a secondary weapon ready for such occasions
Outside of the alien base... it's defended by a mix of alien species
Exploring the alien base interior
Using destructive alien launcher to wreak havoc upon alien base... Tasoth soldiers are panicking
Bigger aliens make easier targets, especially at close range
With Tentaculats prowling around, sticking in groups may be wiser
Launching a homing missile, the most destructive weapon in the game, toward one of the aliens
Exploring the alien pyramids
Exploring an unknown underwater facility
Defending your base against an alien attack
Molecular control lets you control alien creatures for the turn