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Back of Box - Windows (US):
    In X BEYOND THE FRONTIER you searched for a way home after being stranded in a distant area of space known as the X Universe.

    Now it's time to go back! A new THREAT is rising in the X UNIVERSE.

    The gradual learning curve of X2-THE THREAT allows you to dive straight into the action-packed, heart-thumping storyline and missions. X2-THE THREAT features a large, dynamic universe to interact with and explore, jam-packed with thousands of objects such as ships, stations, weapons, commodities, plus a wide range of alien races each with their own agendas and technologies. Build your own empire with all the tools at your disposal as you choose to become a trader, bounty hunter, pirate, miner or a cunning combination of them all.

    Trade commodities between space stations, become a bounty hunter closing in for the next highly profitable kill, mine asteroids for profit, or build your empire on the back of all these trades.

    Large, dynamic universe in which to interact and explore. Comprising a heart thumping freeform storyline, interspersed with dozens of interlinked missions and multiple smaller stand-alone paying jobs.

    State of the art graphics engine, utilizing the latest Direct X features such as vertex shading, DP3 bump mapping, volumetric shadows and fog effects.

    Over 70 ships to buy and fly, including fighters, cargo ships, transports, passenger liners, corvettes, battleships and carriers. Own and upgrade as many as you like or can afford, even create and command armada of ships either from your helm or from afar.

    Employ a myriad of offensive weaponry (sic.), including lasers, missiles, mines and remote droids. But don't forget the array of defensive options available, including shields, self-repairing hulls and intercept rockets!

    Contributed by Zovni (9314) on Jan 12, 2005.