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Title screen
The hero, Saul Myers, up close
The game begins with a short rail shooter episode
The map. Don't be fooled by the seemingly small size of the islands - the environments are huge
Ahh, such a pity I didn't bring my swimsuit...
The role-playing element of the game: choose perks when leveling up
Enjoying the view of the village from above
Dialogues are well-written and funny (at least in the original Russian version). Here Saul and a local guy discuss the possibility of alien life
"Maxim - a magazine for men" blatantly promotes itself in the game. It's not even discouraged by the fish
You know what I like about colts? That I'm holding one now!
AK-47 helps me appreciate more the detail in the room
Inventory contains a lot of stuff, helpful and otherwise. Looks like my arm aches...
Peaceful life...
Yay, I've got wheels! It's about time, too. Note the lovely sunset
It's just me and the chicken appreciating the descent of darkness, while other villagers are dancing dather away...
It's dark, and it rains. My only friend is my automatic shotgun
Those guys didn't cook my favorite Hunan dish the way I liked it. Tough luck!..
Even underwater, there is stuff to find! Crates, items, what not...
Yup, I like throwing devastating explosives while on board a ship. So sue me
Yay! Swimming with the fishes... Colorful, pretty fishes...
Whee!.. Check out my new motorboat. Is this cool or what?
Binoculars can help you to zoom onto such structures - or anything else, really - from afar
Another day, another nice - albeit smaller - motorboat. Gas station is ahead, crystal clear sky... Seriously though, it does feel like a good vacation!..
Relaxing on the beach with the LADIES!.. But... Why am I holding a grenade?..
Oh wow, plane! Look at that! Just be careful, it's ridiculously easy to crash
This island is controlled by the government. I stole their jeep. They seem to be fine with that
This guy will sell and upgrade weapons
Say what you want about the authorities here, but they surely know their geography and are no strangers to intellectual entertainment!
I'm not sure I can trust a physician sitting in a tent in front of a suspiciously-looking bottle... Also, I opened my weapons menu
Ahh, beautiful sunset, shooting fire from a tank... What else do you want from life? Huh?
Flowers, old car, picturesque church... Lots of interesting places here
The atmosphere can change from pleasantly relaxing to macabre any time...
Exploring a quiet neighborhood. Staring at the back of my own revolver
Bandits can kidnap you and throw you into jail if you are not careful! But you can still escape!..
Hitting on a girl near colorful drink machines. The quality of the dialogue is surprisingly high!
You can use payphones. Call any of the numbers you learn in the game
Looks like the guerillas have a certain influence in this neighborhood. I wonder if those two ladies support them
One of the game's most exquisitely beautiful locations is a brothel!..
Just had sex with this representative of the oldest profession. Lavish room!..
What a view! Floating high above the archipelago in my helicopter...
At night, I stole this cargo boat... Somebody is ahead... But I'm just soaking in the vibes
You never know what will happen next in this game. Never. This was a very scary moment!
Would you like some meat?..
Standing alone, a knife in my hand... Gorgeous sun and cloud effects... and it's raining, too
The final portions of the game will take you to secluded areas where you'll face indigenous people
A decisive battle is ahead. Are you ready, Saul?..

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