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Advertising Blurbs


    Три… два… один… Старт! Скороговорка штурмана, рев двигателя, рывок, скоростной участок…

    Поздно начали торможение после скоростного участка перед крутым поворотом? Почти вылетели, но чудом удалось удержаться на трассе? Чувствуете всплеск адреналина? Не удивительно! Симулятор экстремального вождения Xpand Rally Xtreme позволяет почувствовать себя настоящим гонщиком и обеспечивает действительно острые ощущения.

    • Большой выбор мощных раллийных автомобилей.
    • Сотни решений, требующих мгновенного принятия при прохождении связок поворотов на огромной скорости.
    • Два режима игры: аркадный для новичков и симулятор для опытных игроков.
    • Реалистичная модель повреждений автомобиля.
    • Захватывающий режим карьеры: более 20 автомобилей, 67 заездов в 5 разных регионах, 800 запчастей для тюнинга.
    • Сетевая игра по интернету и по локальной сети.
    • Возможность сохранения повторов в AVI-файл.
    • Интуитивно понятный редактор для создания собственных трасс.

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Press release (21st August 2006):

    Techland release exclusive trailer to coincide with the games appearance at Games Convention in Leipzig Germany from 23rd to 27th August

    Poland, August, 21, 2006; Techland would like to announce that they have today released the first gameplay movie to showcase their latest rally game, Xpand Rally Xtreme. This is the first installment of a series to enable gamers to see what Xpand Rally Xtreme has to offer, focusing upon the newly-designed rallytrack geometry.

    "We have redefined the whole concept of gravel, mud and sand in the new Xpand Rally Xtreme " - said Adrian Ciszewski, Xpand Rally Xtreme Project Manager at Techland. "Ruts, potholes, jumps and debris on the road will enhance the experience of your extreme rally driving on any given course. These elements are not in the game just for show either, they have been implemented to enhance your driving experience and gameplay quality. Xpand Rally Xtreme 's new complex car modeling and simulation systems constantly track irregularities in the road surfaces, allowing for an extremely precise suspension simulation.

    A fast run over grooves in the track might lead to one of the wheels loosing grip or contact with the surface, resulting in a sudden loss of control. A driver might also find himself driving into a deep rut round a long curve. If we loose up on the controls and allow the car to take its natural trajectory, it might even aid us. However, if we try to drive out of the rut, because of the trajectory of the rut, this will cause us to go through the curve too slowly, which will most likely result in skidding off the track. Clearly, these are only some of the new characteristic elements of driving over irregular surfaces".

    To findout more about Techland’s Xpand Rally Xtreme book an appointment to see them at the Games Convention in Leipzig Germany, from 23rd to 27th of August Business Center booth No H34.

    The new Xpand Rally Xtreme will be available in stores later this year. A Precise date has not yet been set.

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