Written by  :  Melody (119)
Written on  :  Dec 03, 2006
Rating  :  5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars

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Touching and emotional

The Good

The story is wonderful. Sometimes romantic things were happening in the story, accompanied by very touching music. The story has plot twists, sometimes things happen that you absolutely do not expect.

The game is built in such a way that the hero has to choose between two girls. It was really hard to choose. They have both interesting and different personalities.

About the gameplay: it was very interesting to catch monsters in battles and then to call them to help. Sometimes monsters did even more damage than the heroes. But you should choose the elements wisely.

Some boss battles can get very difficult, and those bosses heal themselves... so it was a love/hate relationship. Annoying when the boss killed you, but happy when he was defeated. You should use lots of items in those battles.

The music is very beautiful, using the same melody with different instruments, the effect is always different. For example, the heroes are looking at the moon, or facing a grave danger - the melody is almost the same, but the tempo, instruments, arrangement make it sound totally different.

The Bad

Some of the dungeons are annoying. Women usually have bad sense of direction! I am like this. I was very often lost in those dungeons, couldn't find the exit. And there are always enemies attacking you, you are looking for the exit and they are still attacking, I don't want to fight them!

I asked my man for help and he didn't help me, he was angry! So I was angry, too! And I didn't want to continue playing the game, so I stopped somewhere before the final dungeon. I just wasted two hours on it!

The Bottom Line

It's a touching story with surprising and unexpected events, and it's really worth your time to play through it.