A hilarious Easter Egg awaits you if you check a well in one of the towns in the game (no, I won't say which one, otherwise it wouldn't be fun to discover). None other but the guys from DOMO, the developing team of Softstar, await you, with some very weird and amusing "behind-the-scene" stuff. If you check this location thoroughly, you also discover two "strange maps". One of them shows a photo of developers, while the other displays a picture that resembles very much the cover art of the game's immediate predecessor, Xuanyuan Jian 3: Yun he Shan de Bi Duan. On the cover you can see the two heroes of the game, Septem and Nicole. However, on this "strange map" Septem wears goofy glasses, and instead of a sword he is wielding something that looks very similarly to a hypodermic syringe.

Contributed by Unicorn Lynx (181363) on Dec 02, 2005. -- edit trivia