Xuanyuan Jian 3: Yun he Shan de Bi Duan Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Title screen
Mysterious shadow
Fighting a random enemy
Buying weapons
In a store
Crossing a bridge
What a church!
On the world map
Show me your face!
Unsecure path...
The hero attacks!
Expressive Game Over screen...
Fighting in a forest
European tavern
Fighting in a room!
The streets of a medieval European town
Character information
You can mix items, equipment, and captured monsters to create new ones. In this case, you've created a monster
Some dungeons have puzzle-like segments. Press switches to clear your way through this small maze
Septem in Damascus! Camels, hot sun, and white stone buildings
Nicole, the cute messenger of Satan, lives in her own dreamy world, which looks pretty Chinese to me. You can access it by using the magical pot, one of the recurring items in Xuanyuan Jian series
Kama is using a water-based spell
This place is creepy. Even Nicole looks scared
Yes, Septem is undoubtedly the first person from Christian Europe who visited China
You get some background information about the state of current (8th century) politics, in this case the inner-Islamic war between the Omayyads and the Abbasids
Septem and the spirit of Hui Yan ascend the Tian Shan mountains. Today it is the border between Kyrgyzstan and East Turkestan (politically part of China)
8th century Chang'an (today's Xi'an) was the capital of China and the most advanced city in the world, culturally as well as economically
The man you are talking to is Li Bai (701-762), one of the greatest Chinese poets of all times
This is the famous Shaolin monastery. Septem is talking to a monk
Septem unleashes one of his powerful spells. Witness his rage!
Fighting two robotic guardians
The room is full of those pesky yellow guys, and they are all walking around. You can try to avoid them or fight them - your choice
An oasis in the desert, on the way from Arabia to China
This is a war camp, but the soldiers appear to be ghosts...
A mountain path in China
Some locations look impressive and almost creepy
A lot of weird guys will join your party as NPCs. Here, you are trying to find the correct way in this dungeon by using the pictures as teleporters
The wooden mechanical creatures are a recurrent element in Xuanyuan Jian games
This place looks... abandoned