Xuanyuan Jian 5: Yi Jian Ling Yun Shan Hai Qing Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Title screen
The intro begins with drawings of Chinese mythology creatures. This guy is Baihu (White Tiger), a well-known fellow
Intro: Heavenly Woman helps the Yellow Emperor in battle
The game begins with the hero sitting under the palm tree, not knowing what to do
This object is a save point. In the upper left corner, you see the map of the area
Facial expressions are quite nice. What's your trouble, big monkey?
You can navigate your character in a point-and-click fashion
Abandoned ancient city, populated by ape-like creatures
You and your friends rescue the little elf
Lots of treasure here!
You are on the world map
Character information screen
I'm not in the mood for swimming...
Regular battle against two birds
Battle command menu
Swamp dungeon
Lu Chengxuan executes a special attack
Underwater kingdom
Buying and selling things
Those fish-people have nice apartments!
Battle is over, and we do the dance of victory!
Boss battle against a colorful three-headed guy
Full-motion cut scenes are not that different from in-game graphics
It's a nice view if I ever saw one