Written by  :  Lady T-Dawg (719)
Written on  :  Sep 20, 2009
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Extremely touching!

The Good

First, I feel amazed about the whole story. It's really amazing how they have three heroes with such different characters. And I just feel they are all so human. Although they have different positions and such difficult choices, but they are not like in other games (the hero must become a super-hero and save the world or something); here they choose like a real human being would choose. No matter how their fate will be, they will decide. And they also have this cute fox, 云狐 (Yunhu), just like Che Yun's best friend, that was a very touching part.

Also the enemies are not all bad people. Even 九龙子 (jiulongzi), the Nine Dragons, who were Huan Yuanzhi's companions before, are not all bad people - Ninth Dragon for example is a very kind person. And also the 七曜使者 (Qi Yao Shizhe), Messengers of the Seven Luminaries (or days of the week), they have complicated and touching story. They also have love stories, and how they betrayed each other or got together to fight for justice. Their story is the most complicated, but the most interesting part of the story, because a lot of important things happen around them.

I cried when I saw the ending. A lot. When I write this review, I remember how I played, I just want to cry again. This ending I didn't expect. Until the last second, I could not believe. And although I don't want to believe this reality, it is something that can happen in real life...

There are a lot of sweet things in the gameplay. We can build houses in the 天书 (tianshu), "Heavenly Book", and offer our enemies to live there. They also will work for us, making weapons or medicines or something. And when 桓远之 (Huan Yuanzhi) is fighting, he can also call these little guys for help.

Second part is - we have a lot of choice when we fight. Like 车芸 (Che Yun), she never fights herself, but uses this cute Yunhu. This Yunhu can do a lot of things, and when you choose a special attack, you can see an amazing movie how Yunhu fights. We can steal 木甲术 (Mujiashu), Wooden Shiled Technique, from mechanical enemies, and use them to learn those techniques for yourself.

The enemies have different elements, so sometimes, because you choose a wrong attack, you just heal enemies. I think this was funny, even if I lose a turn...

I like those graphics. They have such cute character graphics, and some pictures are not completely 3D, with some Chinese 水墨画 (shuimohua), like old Chinese traditional painting style, it's really beautiful. And they all have such sweet animations, no matter if the three heroes or the enemies, or Yunhu.

Even in the Tianshu, where we can catch enemies and they can become our friends, if we catch an enemy who swims, we can really see him swim, like I caught this guy called 河伯 (Hebo), and you can see him happily swimming in the Tianshu, and you can click on him and see his name.

Music is another amazing part. They have a main theme, and add different variations, in battles or on the map. And they have different styles, even one funny music like Hong-Kong movies of the 80-ies. And the most important music is a typical Chinese melody.

The Bad

There is only one part. And it drives me crazy. You can't use a good computer to play this game. The game will not work. All the patches don't work. In order to play this game, you need an old computer - an old graphic card. I had to buy an old card with 64MB for my old computer only to play this game!!

But it's really the only thing I feel annoyed about. Still, I feel if I can do those things to play this game, it's worth!

The Bottom Line

I just want more people play this game. Because it's really fun, and touching, and serious!