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Advertising Blurbs

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    "With millions of hours needed to rewrite billions of lines of code in hundreds of thousands of independent organizations, this is clearly one of the most complex management challenges in history. In spite of progress in the business sector, just as in the government sector, there are still gaping holes." - Bill Clinton, President of the United States

    "The Y2K bug is already hurting the economy and there's bigger danger ahead. "inevitable difficulties are going to emerge. You could end up with ... a very large problem." - Alan Greenspan, Federal Reserve Chairman

    "This is not a prediction, it's a certainty --there will be serious disruption in the world's financial services industry...It's going to be ugly." - The Sunday Times, London

    "The Year 2000 Bug provides all kinds of opportunities for someone with hostile intent to gain information of plant viruses" - George Tenet, CIA Director

    "Y2K could be the event that could all but paralyze the planet" - Newsweek

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