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Y2K: The Game Credits (Windows)

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Y2K: The Game Credits


Lead ProgrammingSteve Round
ProgrammingWilliam Bell, Richard Gatehouse
Lead ArtistAndy Sutcliffe
ArtistsLee Doyle, Lawrie Pick, Karen Pinchin, Julian Spencer, James Storey
Additional ArtJason Haddington, Tina Palmer, Marc Stewart
Character ModellingJane Stroud
AnimationGareth Cavanagh, James Finlay, John Jones, Chris Perrigo, Nick Reed
DesignStephen D. Lodge
Additional DesignBennett D. Bellot
ProducerPatrick Armstrong
Music & Sound EngineeringCraig Beattie, Matt Sugden
Quality Assurance ManagementMark Hooley
Lead TesterMichael Barlow
TestersJonathan Brown, Paul Dean, Gregory Ellis, Wez Foster, Bob Hands, Mick Jagger
Executive ProducerKeith Jackson
Development ManagerMartin Hooley
SalesJess Bansal
ScriptBrian F. Christian, Daniel Levin
Character Design and Concept ArtTodd J. Camasta
Product Marketing ManagerKevin Johnston
PR ManagerHeather McLaughlin
Audio DirectorCharles Deenen
Audio AdministratorGloria Soto
Voiceover DirectorChris Borders
VoiceoversMichael Bell, Dan Castellaneta, Grey DeLisle, Tony Jay, Daniel Mann, John Mariano
Traffic ManagerJeff Blanco
Director of Quality AssuranceJeremy S. Barnes
Quality Assurance ManagersGreg Baumeister, Michael Motoda
Quality Assurance Project SupervisorTimothy Anderson
Quality Assurance TestersHector Espinoza, Brian Mitsoda, Devin Vink
Quality Assurance Compatability ManagerDarrell Jones
Quality Assurance Compatability TechniciansDerek Gibbs, Jonathan Darke, David Parkyn, Joshua Walters
Special Thanks ToBrian Fargo

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Credits for this game were contributed by Pix (1153)