Y2K: The Game Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Buster and Candice watch the New Year's festivities in the intro movie.
Hmm... Pasty white skin, thick glasses, bad posture, questionable fashion sense... Finally there's a hero who resembles the people playing the game!
Your PDA will serve as an inventory and a guide to the rooms of your mansion.
The mansion computer interface, one of the first puzzles you will deal with.
Animatronic animal heads liven up any residence.
When Robot Gardeners Attack!
Man, I'll bet Lara isn't having these problems at her estate.
Every modern mansion should have a torture chamber with a robotic executioner.
Actual game line: "Like Candice says, you never know when you'll need some batteries". Since Candice is Busters girlfriend, I'll believe her on this one.
Quick, name a graphical adventure WITHOUT a stained glass window... Yeah, I knew you couldn't.
The fearsome looking but non-waterproof mowerbot.
Candice wonders if she'll ever work again after being in Y2K: The Game.