Yōjo Ranbu: Kegasareta Seiiki Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Title screen
Interesting: manual in the game
The story...
Oh wow, she looks angry!
Little hero
Cool-looking dungeon
The hero and the heroine
Battle commands
I want some red wine, please
Ritual, shmitual, holy, shmoly... where are the pretty girls?!
Cozy-looking dungeon
Auto-map. Handy thing!
Even higher-level enemies are still pretty girls...
Town square
Religion will heal you!
Main gate
The Water Dungeon is... green
Red Riding Hood?..
Item shop
Magic shop
Watch out!..
As always in Japanese games, cuteness can easily be part of disturbing erotic connotations
Found some treasure in the rocky Earth Dungeon
Fire Dungeon. Looks pretty nice
...and after
Air Dungeon
Nice try, you... weird girl
Again underage sex implications...