Yo Frankie! Credits (Windows)

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Yo Frankie! Credits


Apricot TeamCampbell Barton, Christopher Plush, Dariusz Dawidowski, Frank Richter, Pablo Martin, Pablo Vazquez
MusicClaire Fitch
Sound DesignClaire Fitch
Game ConceptChristopher Plush, Sacha Goedegebure
Lead Game DesignChristopher Plush
Lead Design and ModelingChristopher Plush
Character Design and ModelingPablo Vazquez
Additional ModelingPablo Vazquez, Andy Goralczyk
Textures and LightingChristopher Plush, Pablo Vazquez
Character AnimationS. C. Moraes Junior, Pablo Vazquez, Christopher Plush
Logo, Graphics and Web DesignPablo Vazquez
Level EditingCampbell Barton
Blender Game LogicCampbell Barton, Christopher Plush
Blender DevelopmentBrecht van Lommel, Campbell Barton, Benoit Bolsee
Crystal Space DevelopmentFrank Richter, Pablo Martin, Marten Svanfeldt, Jorrit Tyberghein
Crystal Space Level DesignDariusz Dawidowski
Crystal Space Game LogicPablo Martin, Dariusz Dawidowski, Amir Taaki
Blender PackagesNathan Letwory, Ken Hughes, Jean-Luc Peurriere
Crystal Space PackagesAlex Fuller, Andres Freund, Mike Gist, Vincent Knecht
ProductionMargreet Riphagen, Ton Roosendaal
Additional Artist ContributionsSalvador Mara, S. C. Moraes Junior, Marcelo Cervino, David Teres, Daniel Salazar, William Reynish, Joshua Huf, Marcus Feital, Glenn Melenhorst
Additional Blender DevelopmentDiego Berghetti, Martin Poirier, Hamed Zaghaghi
External Consultant Game DesignWouter Baars
Hardware provided byMaqina Computersystems
Special Thanks toThe Peach Open Movie crew, www.blendernation.com, www.blenderartists.org, www.crystalspace3d.org
Main SponsorsParavizion, Redfish, Nyquist Art + Logic
"Yo Frankie" has been realized thanks to the financial support byBlender Foundation, Amsterdams fonds voor de kunst, Grupo Ikusnet, Dutch Game Days Foundation, Crystal Space
Released asCreative Commons 3.0 Attribution
Produced by(c) 2008 Blender Foundation - Amsterdam - The Netherlands

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