Yoot Tower Credits


Game DesignYutaka Saitō
ProgrammingYuki Sakai, Tomiya Nakamichi, Norio Morimoto, Hisashi Fujii
Product ManagementYasushi Takano, Koji Notsu, Kiharu Shishikura

SEGA Entertainment

Executive ProducerMatt Wolf
ProducerScott Hawkins
Assistant ProducerMike Lopez
Director of MarketingFrance M. Tantiado
Senior Marketing CoordinatorKanika Gogna
Creative Services ManagerYana Farrally-Plourde
Special ThanksShinobu Toyoda, Dan Stevens, Frank Viloria, Sue Price, A. J. Briones, James Black

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Credits for this game were contributed by ES (64) and deepcut (1834)