You Are Empty Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Main menu
The game starts in a former hospital.
Outside... finally!
You get to drive the trabant, but not as an interactive game sequence.
The outskirts of the city
These are easy to take out, a single shot to the head is enough.
Double barrel shotgun
Kulibin is the first friendly character you get to meet.
The cut-scenes are disturbing and describe how a young boy discovers supernatural powers.
Inside the factory
Watch out for the hot stream.
Underground ruins
The city is full of decay, and you get to explore it.
A worker with a flamethrower
Entering a new village.
A former soldier, now a skeleton
One of the many notes describing the events that lead to the disaster.
This worker can fly and attack from the air.
The detail on the buildings is stunning.
Entering the opera house.
The protagonist has just been captured.
A meeting with one of the leaders
You can get some extra health by drinking water here.
Reloading my gun.
A worker with an axe
Viewing a film in a cinema.
Inside a train wagon in the subway station
This enemy can shoot electric blasts.
Exploring the opera house.
A bloody view of the main opera hall
The level on the rooftop is amazing.
In the distance, you can see the building with the star-shaped top you need to reach.
A mutated athlete
These are rather unusual instructions.
The train station
The canyon
Inside the final building
A stylish cut-scene sequence
This looks a lot like the original Half-Life.
A shot through the head in slow motion