Youda Legend: The Curse of the Amsterdam Diamond Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Start menu
Name entry
Arrival in Amsterdam
Train station
Hotel lobby
Hotel room
Trunk inventory
Jigsaw puzzle with a shredded map
Under the bridge
Stones puzzle
Keys puzzle
Replacing the ropes.
Knife with a message
Organ repair shop
Shop interior
Organ puzzle
A single rose
Flower market
Flower shop
Flower price puzzle
Museum room
Painting puzzle
Map medallions puzzle
Maritime museum
Nautical museum
Several of the game's puzzles require that the player assemble pieces of a torn up map of message. This one leads directly to a math based puzzle
The game has a hint system which shows where objects are hidden. Once used it takes time to recharge but using it seems not to incur any penalty
Another common puzzle theme is matching objects by shape as is shown in this key puzzle
No puzzle game would be complete without a maze. Here the player must first assemble the maze and then they must solve it
This is not a sliding block puzzle, it's solved by exchanging blocks to form the picture. Once a block is in the correct position it cannot be moved again
This lock puzzle is as close as the game comes to a sliding block puzzle
The end of the game.
At this point the player has the option of submitting their scores
Game Over.
Back at the main menu screen there's an option to see the game statistics. As this screen shows it's not an especially long game
The game allows the player to compare their scores with other players on-line though it does seem to show the scores in the wrong order
These are the game configuration options for the UK Mastertronic CD release of the game.