Ys VI: The Ark of Napishtim Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

From the intro: Dogi and Adol on a ship
Title screen
Ohla in the temple
A village
Kicking some ass.
Treasure chests can contain valuable stuff.
Looks like it could be dangerous further up the path.
A save point
Someone is in big trouble.
A work-related accident
Enemy air drop incoming
A dead end
Taking some damage.
A strange, sealed door
Fighting Geis in the Mythos path.
Exiting the Mythos path.
In the city
At the local tavern
What a view
At Rose's shop
Meeting an old friend.
Found a piece of a mirror.
This creature wants to stop you.
Found a new sword.
Sinister looking ruins
There are plenty of slime blobs in this dark cave.