Yu-Gi-Oh! Power of Chaos: Kaiba the Revenge Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

The new Yu-Gi-Oh game looks very high-tech
Set up your deck in the deck constructor. This new version allows you to easily see and sort the cards you have in the right panel. Check out the new graphics for the Dark Magician!
The card list shows what cards you have. There is the ability to see only the Kaiba cards, or both Kaiba and your imported Yugi cards from the previous version. The card shown is one of the new spel
Choose the type of game you would like to play
Before each game, Kaiba will make a comment about your chances of success
Following all other Yu-Gi-Oh games, choose who goes first using paper/rock/scissors
If you win paper/rock/scissors, you can choose who goes first
Summon or Set your monsters during your Main Phases
Here is one of Kaiba's animations when you damage him
Kaiba's most powerful card in terms of attack is the Blue-Eyes White Dragon... it has its own summoning animation
During your turn, you can choose to activate your spells that you have. This also shows the Mountain spell in effect which makes most flying monsters gain attack and defense points
One of the losing screens shows Kaiba's contempt for you
Beating Kaiba shows this animation as you watch the colors drain away
Winning is not very easy in this game
If you win, you get a card to add to your deck
Even if you beat Kaiba, he still has nothing but contempt for your skills as a duelist