Zeno Clash Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Main menu
Battles are announced with these stylish screens.
A powerful punch straight to the head
The level design makes it worth admiring the environment.
A teacher sequence, as a tutorial integrated in the game.
When enemies are knocked back, it's time to move in with a finisher.
Zooming in on the large city.
Deadra is always by your side.
Dual-wielded guns
Huge monsters and exploding squirrels.
Close to the end of the world, it takes a special weapon to take out opponents.
Close-up of Deadra
Closer to the throne room, these enemies will try to put out all candles.
A boat sequence
An opponent dodges my punch.
Another character is introduced.
Meet Father-Mother
In the woods
These berries replenish health.
He is too late to block this one.
Fighting multiple enemies at once.
In a dark bar, looking for information.
The city is full of life
An elephant-like creature has been knocked down.
Three enemies move in.
A large whale has washed up on the beach.
Deadra and Ghat talking.
Deadra comforts Ghat.
The challenge mode
This strange Corwid only walks in a straight line
Have you taken your peyotes today, lad?
A street gang
Kicking a fallen enemy is such a comforting thing in this game
Beating a stunned enemy
The map (of sorts)
There are some destructible objects in the arenas
Fighting some "birds" in the Challenge Tower
This shaman guy drives the Corwids crazy
Challenge Tower: choosing a challenge