Zombie Bowl-O-Rama Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Meteor crater
Zombie hand
Choosing the avatar portrait and ball decals.
First stage
Aiming the ball.
Group of zombies
Snow-covered lane
Selecting a power-up
The disco ball makes the zombies dance close to each other, making them easy targets.
Ball cut in half.
The werewolf either pulls or drags the ball towards the gutters.
The zombies are harder to hit when they are small.
Narrow lane
Ball with spring hands
Frozen zombies
The honeycomb ball has bees that attack the zombies.
Honeycomb and the last zombie
Zombies line dancing.
Puddles of honey make the ball go slower.
Laughing zombie
Lettuce ball
Plunger gun
Dead Meat trophy
Zombies shielding themselves with tombstones.
Giant ball
The pinball keeps returning to hit more zombies.
Giant ball crushing some zombies.
Flying rocket
Hit by the rocket.
Rookie Striker trophy
The electric cloud makes the player lose control of the ball.
Another alley
Ball missing the whole group.