Zombie Smashers X2: Punx and Skins Credits


ProgrammingJames Silva, Roger the Zombie, Totally Screwed Software
ArtJames Silva, Roger the Zombie, Totally Screwed Software
SoundJoel Snavely
Town MusicVictim X
Beta TestersJon-o Hines, Eric Kenyon, Austin Ridgely, Matthew Shaver, Ashley Schnore, Deborah Silva, Shayna Slagel, Vyacheslav Yampolsky
Bands2 Minutes Hate, Acoustic Radio, Battling Seizure Robots, Cappucino Jellybeans, Cherry Bing, Children in Heat, Chinese Finger Cuffs, Dakota Dream, Dinkus 9, Going Nowhere, Guy Incognito, Hitlist, Larsen, Mexican Cession, Never Too Late, OFN, One Screw Loose, Plastic Jesus, Punching Judy, Secondhand, Skarmy of Darkness, The Honor Society, The Mirror, The Target, The Young Ones

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