Zork: Grand Inquisitor Credits (Windows)

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Zork: Grand Inquisitor Credits


DirectorLaird M. Malamed
ProducerElizabeth Storz
Lead Game DesignerSara Margaret Stohl
Lead Engine ProgrammerMichael H. Douglas
Lead Game ProgrammerMason Deming
Lead ArtistDavid Dalzell
Game DesignerMatthew Harding
Associate ProducerChristian D. Astillero, Huisok Pyon, Joyce Yasmin Salas, Marc Struhl
Game ProgrammerDavid S. Sanders, Ben Siron
Production CoordinatorShelley Futch, Jonathan Moses
Senior Art Executive, ConsultantLarry Paolicelli
Design ConsultantTed Peterson, William Westwater
Senior Creative ExecutiveChris Hewish
ArtistHeather Beeman, Franz Boehm, Christopher Guzman
Background / Character / Animation ArtistScott Derby
Production TesterKen Anderson
Assoc. QA Project LeadNadine Theuzillot
Senior QA LeadMarc Turndorf
QA ManagerDavid Arnspiger
External Art ProductionTimothy Hoffman, Corky Lehmkuhl, Eni Oken, Creat, Pyros Pictures, Silicon Knights, Cody Chancellor, Mondo
Engine ProgrammersPaul Gallagher, Ben Diamand, Andrew G. Silber, Gary Jesdanun
Linked Play ProgrammerLuigi Warren
Video Studio ManagerChristopher Hepburn
Audio Studio ManagerMichael B. Schwartz
Audio/Video TechniciansBrian Bright, Ken Ramirez
Video Compression TechnologyDuck by TrueMotion
Music (Underground)Mark Morgan
Music (Cut Scene)John Beal
Sound Design & MixSoundelux Media Labs
Voice DirectorKris Zimmerman Salter
3‑D Sound TechnologyQSound
Product ManagerMichael Radiloff
Assoc. Product ManagerJohn Heinecke
Senior PublicistJames Gottlieb
Package DesignerErik Jensen
Package CopywriterVeronica Milito
Manual CreationBelinda M. Van Sickle, Michael Rivera
Localisation CoordinatorNathalie Ranson
German TranslationNatascha Conrad, Gaby Heissenberg, zeiX image GmbH
German Speech RecordingM & S Music
Creative ServicesTony Parsons, Jackie Whale, Alex Wylde
Senior Vice President InternationalBob Dewar
Marketing Director EuropeJanine Johnson
Sales Director EuropeJohn Burns
European Development ManagerSimon Harris
European Product ManagerTristan Hilderley
Live ActionVisonMixer Films, Michael Lien Casting, Complete Post
Featured On‑Screen PlayersErick Avari (as Grand Inquisitor), Dirk Benedict (as Antharia Jack), Jordana Capra (as Y'Gael), Douglas Carrigan (as Totemization Inspector), Don Gibb (as Floyd the Bouncer), Amy Jacobson (as Lucy), Oliver Muirhead (as Inquisition Guard), Earl Schuman (as Old Inquisition Guard / Bartender), Rip Taylor (as Wartle)
Featured Off‑Screen PlayersVal Bettin (as Dragon Throat Resident / Flickering Torch), Earl Boen (as Brog / Sea Captain), Philip Lewis Clarke (as Belboz / Perils of Magic Voice), Donovan Freeberg (as Invisible Bridge Guard / Doug), Leigh French (as Pop Rocks Warning / Spell Checker), Marty Ingels (as Griff), David Lander (as Voice of the Inquisition / Bickering Torch), Michael McKean (as Dungeon Master), Diane Pershing (as Fishmarket Lady / Shona), Roger Rose (as Marvin the Mythical Goatfish), Chick Vennera (as Hades Beast / House Alarm)

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